Our Process

Custom Planning and Design Process

Change orders are the most expensive and time-consuming part of a project. However, Exteriors by Original Rock only focuses on giving you what you desire. We work thoroughly through the planning and design process so that we can inculcate everything you need. You can breathe easy as we take the time and care to fully flesh out the concept of your project and ensure a smooth build.

You can count on us to do anything on the exteriors of your building, including the roof and windows. Contact us for a FREE estimate

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Our Process


Step 1

Meet onsite to discuss your goals. Assess any and all issues to determine whether a design is needed. In my experience, anything beyond a small repair, I recommend a design.


Step 2

Design phase – Your designer or mine? At this point, we can discuss the cost of design.
Either way, I’ll work with them alongside you to make sure all MLT and design elements are feasible for your structure. This is very important because not all MLTs are suitable for all situations. (Nothing is more aggravating or slows down a process, than to find out that something won’t work, and needs to be redesigned.)

Step 3

After the initial design, we will provide you with an initial budget, if everything looks good, we’ll move to the next step.

Step 4

Final design and selection of all products to be used – At this point, we will also move forward with any blueprints and architectural specs that are needed for the final pricing. We’ll then provide you with a final price and contract.

Step 5

After the contract is signed, we’ll start ordering all product and work with you on a timeline from start to finish. During this initial phase and the entire process, we’ll be working closely with you to make any adjustments needed, and of course to answer any and all questions during construction.

Step 6

EVERYONE’S FAVORITE!! Completion – We will meet onsite and go over all aspects of the project to make sure you’re satisfied and that we have completed everything in the contract.¬†

Dedicated to Your Construction Project

We provide dedicated follow through to efficiently complete your project. From design to completion, we’re with you every step of the way.

We make sure to keep in mind the structure of your building while working towards achieving the aesthetic appeal you desire without compromising on the strength of the building.

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