Your Twin Cities Masonry Expert

Quality. Always.

Commercial Masonry

Original Rock Designs has the crews to finish your project on time and within budget, promising quick installs without sacrificing quality. We can handle any size project, from cutting a new door into the side of an existing building to full size structural block buildings from the ground up (including footings). We do it all - interior and exterior, structural masonry and brick & stone facade.

After 22 years, Original Rock Designs has developed specialized crews that can handle all your masonry needs.

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Quality. Always.

Residential Masonry

We are your masonry experts - we know you and your clients will be blown away with the results. We'll work by your side throughout the project to ensure you're satisfied with our work.

We will ensure it not only looks good, but it's functional - from minor details like waterproofing, to ensuring it fits the design.

Whether it's repairing bricks and blocks around a window, interior fireplace, full exterior of a home, stamped and colored patio, or grey brushed sidewalk, we have the expertise to handle all your masonry and concrete needs.

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Brick, a versatile and enduring building material, adds both aesthetic charm and structural integrity to residential and commercial spaces.


Blocks are like the building's backbone, giving strong support and flexibility for both structural strength and decorative features in construction projects.


Whether it's manufactured stone, thin natural stone, or full natural stone, our mastery in working with these materials ensures a touch of timeless sophistication.


We fix things up! From tuckpointing to replacing bricks and cleaning, our repair services make sure your structures stay strong and look good.